This is the first step of setting down in Toronto. International students are facing options in accommodation type. They can choose to live in condo, apartments by themselves, or they can live with homestay family.


International students came to Toronto for education. Here, they are describing why and how they chose to apply for universities in Toronto. Being in Canadian learning environment, they are obtaining different schooling experiences.

Daily Routine

Apart from school life, international students are facing different experiences in their daily routines, such as food, transit, socializing and other spare times.

Toronto Image

Living in Toronto, all the subjects share their opinions about this city, which they have been liked, disliked, both, or neither...

Toronto Diversity

Toronto is such a multicultural city with different people accommodating in various of places. As part of this diversity, international students are having their own ways of interpreting this city.

After Graduation

After finishing their education, international students are commonly facing a choice between “leave” and “stay”.